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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I spent the afternoon walking around KLCC while my mum and brother Lester shopped.


It is at such times when I ponder the questions of life.


Why are some people so pretty and some who aren't so good looking? Why do some people buy Louis Vuitton bags while some make do with fake goods?


Usually, such questions come to mind when I am faced with the meretricious temptations of the world around me.


Walking alone, seemingly lost in a world of my own, I got distracted all of a sudden.




She looked really gorgeous, this girl in the crowd.


I stopped in my tracks as she walked toward me.


Dayum, this may just make my day.


And then… damn.


She's pushing a stroller with a baby in it. Mama!


Then, again… dang.


Walking right next to her is a good looking man with a baby in a stroller.


I caught a glimpse of her eyes telling me, "Look away, boy, I know you're checking me out."


Alright, that made my day in a very strange way.


I mean, it made me happy to see a good looking couple with twin babies.


For a moment there, the world seemed beautiful again.


-kingsley sia-

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Thursday, July 29, 2010
Jessica Alba.

In the wake of a failed bid to catch Inception last Wednesday, my homies and I decided to go for a few rounds of Left 4 Dead 2.

While waiting for computers outside the cybercafe, we had a few questions thrown around, you know, like some "Know Your Homies" quiz.

We cycled through the usuals; Muralli's favorite Johnny Depp movie, Shean's favorite Denzel Washington movie, Izmir's favorite Samuel L. Jackson movie... wait, Izmir dislikes Samuel L. Jackson.

Muralli asked me who my favorite actress is.

I hesitated, then simply muttered "Jessica Alba."

He was like, "Seriously, Jessica Alba? Why? She's not good at acting, bla bla bla..."

I don't even know why I like her, really.

I then had a flashback of a time when Jessica Alba ruined my life.

An ex-girlfriend actually dumped me because I thought Jessica Alba was hot.

True story.

-kingsley sia-


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Saturday, July 24, 2010
Reality Bites.

I stayed awake watching Reality Bites because it's impossible to sleep peacefully after eating dim sum at midnight.


It's a good time to watch this movie. I mean, I was only 7 years old when it came out. It would be impossible for me to understand it then.

I wish I could relate completely.

But, I guess my life's messed up enough.

I got no job.

I got parents who hate having me under this roof.

I got bad habits that ruin my life.

However, the blessings still outweigh all these little screw-ups.

I used to know some guys that were even more messed up. Like, totally.

The last I heard about them was that they're doing good, like they turned back to the right path in life.

Hard to believe, but miracles do happen.

I could turn around, too, but it's still very difficult to do at the moment.

Reality bites.

-kingsley sia-


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