Kingsley » See you again, love.
Kingsley » See you again, love.
Mic. Tham » "For a moment there, the world seemed beautiful again." - well put!
Kingsley » Lalala
Alicia » Alaaaa, bring me with you pleaseee. Pretty please.
Kingsley » You're going nowhere!
Alicia » King, bring me with you. I wanna go away too.
Kingsley The Sinner » Meh
sarahloke » yo! jz dropping by, as always~
betz » I lost my handphone, King =(
jo tan » dude.. thank u for being so nice n reading my blog lol i think ur the only one who still reads it
Kingsley » Hi Cla, I like it too! Hi Sara! Hi Ali!
Ali » Updateeeeee
Lovely Crafty » Hi Love. Its me. Sara.
Lovely Crafty » Handmade cards. Carefully chosen material. Have fun browsing.
Cla » hi kingsley =) haha i like simple's packaging
Kingsley » Hi ChiaSing, thanks
cS » hey kingsley chiasing here. like your latest post. i agree with it.
Kingsley » Steph, why so much time? Ah, whatever it is, enjoy yourself Yes, it's a Russian Orthodox icon, nice eh
steffie » july lotsa time to bum. not studying at the moment. cool picture of daniel wit lions!
Kingsley » Hey Steffie, I'm doing good! How about you? I saw you the other day in the parking lot. When are you flying off to the States?
steffie » hi! how r u?
Kingsley » James, my hair is that straight, heh.
James » booyah. dude. your hair in your profile pic so straight. or is it the angle. haha.
Kingsley » No, I am not Kenny Sia's brother! Happy new year
khaisim » hello. met u thru celcom event as well. got ur link thru louis. i know this is lame but i cant help it... ARE U KENNY SIA'S BROTHER? HAHAHA! ok sorry. happy new year! =D
Kingsley » Hi Louis! Now that I recall, I may have seen you around in HELP before. Nice meeting you too
louis » hey kingsley, nice meeting you at the celcom event !
booyo » Victor's last sentence sounds so scandalous!
Kingsley » Lalala...
tan » yes u do! nice
Victor » hehe..actually i was just meaning you...and ur ambiguity betrayed you when you thought I was being ambiguous...haha...ah well..its between u and me...heh =)
Kingsley » Hi Victor, I sense ambiguity in your statement... but, perhaps you discovered the ambiguity in my statements Tan, I'm not very much tanned... you sound sarcastic!
tan » wow you look so diff looking tanned, couldnt even find you in d pic at 1st!
Victor » Hi kingsley! =) found ur blog thru betsy's..hehe....tanned huh....interesting.....
Kingsley » Update, here's a short update!
update » hi! update more!
Kingsley » Kristine, thank you QuEEniE, you gotta get the DVD!
QuEEniE » ooh i wanna watch 500 days of summer too! sounds sweet. =D
Solitary Rose » have a way of writing that a tragedy doesnt sound quite tragic. But glad to hear you are fine from the accident. About the lonely part...*pats back* we are that sometimes.
Vivian ♥ » blogwalking. ;D
Kingsley » Shueh-Yi, because the cat's not clean... and I'm allergic to cats! That's Lester's hand in the glove by the way Updated!
Alicia » King! Updateeeeee (:
yiyi » why were you wearing a glove while touching the cat???
Kingsley » Hi
Alicia » Hello .
Sara » Thank You Love~
Laikepo » Don't drink with friends. Why???
Kingsley » Hey Chowster! Mel, my cousin's surname is Muga.
melleu » ji ka yin!Hey may I know your cousin's surname?
chowster » hey kingsley!
Kingsley » Yes, I did. I went to this INC cybercafe in SS2, and there was a package. RM5 for a waffle and bubble tea! Great deal and they tasted good!
Kingsley » I had green apple bubble tea today and it made me happy! Thanks Winson
Winson » king, go and see a derma. I suggest u a good derma near JIC there, He is good
betz » I know bubble tea will help It helps my mood regulation. Hormones too?? Maybe!!?!? I'm waiting......!
nps » emo =( u need tiramisu and hot chocolate, spongebob squarepants and lots of candies
Kingsley » Yes, I'm on medication now. A lotta contributing factors - stress, depression, diet, hormonal imbalance, sleep cycle. I need a new life
yiyi » have you seen a dermatologist or something kingsley? i think it might be stress...or so i think la...=P or alergy...
Alicia » boo! (:
Kingsley » Hi Shueh-Yi, yes I'm old already! Hmmm, how am I keeping up? Pretty good I suppose, as usual
yiyi » wow..i didn't realize you're 22 are you keeping up abg kingsley?
Kingsley » Jess, thanks Slim, it's in my car coz I wanna return it la! Jom pergi makan chili pan mee
Pt. Neu » Bro that Toxicity CD is mine. When are you going to return it? Buat harta pulak
jessbabe » hey..happy belated birthday!
Kingsley » O hai Grace!
Grace W » I was here! Booyah!
Kingsley » Thank you Felix Bryan, thanks But I've always envied people on Blogspot with tiny fonts aligned to the right, so awesome. Can't do it here :S
Bryan » Centre-aligned text...very nice
wei-li » u are most welcomed! =P
Felix » Hey there kings.. i think ur birthday was/is around the corner rite? not very sure tho, just wanna say happie Burfday !!
eolanda » KING!!!
Kingsley » Hey everyone, good to hear from you all Sara, you make me smile too
Izzy » Salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt. Our hearts littering the topsoil. Tune in and we can get the last call. Our lives, our coal. God that song is awesome! Prove them haters wrong!
Sara Ismail » The thoughts of you make me
Grace W » hello you! =) Awww! I missed you too! Where've you been? Proally cause' I'm not a nocturnal person like youuu. I'm finally on hols! HAH! Aww, you have classes? =p
Kingsley » Thank you Grace. Haven't seen you online in awhile, I miss you
Grace W » You're tagged in my blog!
Kingsley » Hi Ben Tong. Steph, clowns are not scary
Steph'anie » goodness gracious, that photo scares me. so much of a clown.
Izzy » Hi, my name's Ben. Ben Tong. Haha, cheers mate.
Kingsley » Thanks Izzy Izzy2, you impostor! Grace W, you're always welcome here
Grace W » Boo!!! I'm blog hopping!!!! =)
izzy2 » ditto izzy;s word. haters? hahahahaha
Izzy » And I know you can pull through mate. You'll stand tall, and give everyone who's missing out on you hell. Get it? Gives You Hell? Heh. Cheers mate. Anything, gimme a buzz!
Izzy » Happiness is what you make of it mate. I've got my own issues that gets me down, and I'm far from being in peace with my past. It hurts, badly. But I'm gonna stand tall, and know that I'll be fine.
Kingsley » Izzy, I guess nothing lasts forever Grace W, it ain't the kitty! I don't actually like writing about girls, coz alot of haters attack me for that
Grace W » Dayummm!!! You really do like writing bout girls huh? lol. who dey who dey? lol. OR were you actually writing bout the kitty in them picca? lmao! <3
Izzy » Unfortunately, The Departure is no more. =( They were supposed to come up with a new album last year dowh.
Izzy » Dude, The Departure! Miss those old days mate! Would you be my enemy!
Kingsley » Whodat, she made me go "dayum, son" Loud is good, break the silence
Grace W » lol. Chun chick? whodat? whodat? Grace who? and are you being serious that being loud isnt a bad thing? geez...somehow, i disagree with you. =)
Kingsley » Btw, I can see a small photo of a chun chick in a hoodie on my Facebook... Grace Liselotte
Kingsley » Grace W, yes, I wrote all of them For some girls, haha! Well, from what I see on your blog, I'll safely assume you're pretty loud. And no, it's not a bad thing!
Kingsley » Lilian, no, I don't have classes there actually. Nice, I wanna see New York someday
Grace W » Nice blog posts! =) didja write all of them? for whoooo? so sweet. *cough* and it's about time to get a reply from you. lol. and I'm louder? Gee...thanks! I get that alot. *blink* IS THAT BADDD?
Amanda » dropping by!
Amanda » dropping by!
Lilian » You always have classes there? anyway, New York is awesome! I've been there several times.
Kingsley » Grace W, SBS is an unpopular and obscure school. Yes, but I assume you're louder than KJ! Yuna, yes, I like Epik High Lilian, nice to bump into you too, haha!